The vehicle must be aligned to optimize the contact area that the 4 tires of the vehicle must have in order to avoid vibrations, irregular wear and optimize braking in times of emergency. With updated and calibrated state-of-the-art Hunter equipment from, we ensure a high degree of accuracy in our alignments.


It is the procedure in which the weights of the tire with the rim are adjusted to maintain the correct balance between both. This eliminates vibrations in the handlebars and uneven wear. With our latest generation balancers we perform a more efficient balancing that ensures weight compensation with a margin of error of +- 5 gr.


Its function is to suspend and absorb the sudden movements that occur in the bodywork, providing a smooth, stable and safe ride. It consists of the revision of shock absorbers, ball joints, terminals, axials, scissors bushings, axles, scissors, everything that implies the suspension and steering of a vehicle


To keep your vehicle in top condition, it's important to change your oil and filter before the end of the manufacturer's change interval, as they deteriorate with time and use, and the filter becomes clogged with contaminants. Replacing used oil and filters with new ones will give the best protection to all engine components..


Brakes are one of the most important components to check in the mechanics of your car. That is why it is essential to renew brake pads and bands to guarantee good braking and, therefore, the safety of passengers and third parties. Our trained personnel will carry out this operation in a technical manner and with high quality standards.


It is the action of installing the tire on the rim in a homogeneous way so that it rotates optimally and does not generate irregular wear. We have state-of-the-art Hunter brand equipment to ensure optimal mounting of car and truck tires. We also have specialized personnel to offer you the best quality.